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Student Spotlights

Dear Mrs. Martin,

We wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how grateful we are  for the magnificent education that our daughter received while attending  Cornerstone Schools.

Sincerely, Chris & Marlene Moreau 

Ms. Angie,

 As you know I have 2 children who are enrolled at Cornerstone, Caleb (4 years old - Pre-K) and Jason (8 years old - 3rd grade).  Both of my boys started at Cornerstone when they were 3 years old & had come from Day Care settings previously.   

What Caleb has learned, even within the first month of Pre-K, astonished me & my husband.  As a child, who, let's say isn't a lover of learning, he's enjoyed learning in the setting your school  provides.   For a child who only recognized about 60% of his letters at the end of 3 yo class, was recognizing 100%, writing his name & being able to count to 20 within 3 months of being in Pre-K in your school.  And he LOVES school (both years).  

Jason, who is a lover of learning & strives to be successful, has been placed perfectly in every single class/grade he's been in.  His teachers are extremely proficient in their understanding of how a child's brain works, how mind, body & spirit are critical to success, and how to reach a child with whatever situation presents. They address Jason and his challenges as life learning opportunities, not just from an academic perspective.  He LOVES school and LOVES his teachers.  

Ms. Angie,  I'm so pleased that we've chosen Cornerstone for our boys.  I'm confident that they have the start they need to be successful men, because of what Cornerstone has done for them;  and for us as a family. 

Thank you & Thanks to your staff - ALL of your staff who touch these special lives everyday & make a difference in each one.

Lori Holbrook 


Cornerstone Schools Statewide Winner of STEM Education Award! Chosen from 170 applicants in 8 different categories.

Letter from the President


 The goal of Cornerstone Schools is to encourage the highest possible level of academic achievement and personal confidence in every student through stimulating, enriching and challenging programs. Our small teacher to student ratio, cutting-edge technology equipment and training, and custom designed campus with 75-foot competition swimming pool provide the structure for educational excellence.

 Cornerstone Schools has high expectations for itself and its students. We offer a balanced curriculum emphasizing the basic skills augmented by academic, artistic, and athletic exploration. Using a variety of structured and unstructured learning activities, our teachers create a supportive and caring environment to foster learning, build social skills, and develop independence, leadership skills and self confidence in every child.

 Cornerstone Schools has been accredited since 2002 by the Georgia Accrediting Commission - with quality and is also recognized by The Board of Regents and the College Board AP Program. 

 Our website describes the Cornerstone Schools philosophy, educational programs, campus facilities,                                                                                     and provides admissions information.

 Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Schools, and we look forward to meeting with you and your child soon.



Angela H. Martin